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Burlington County College, Pemberton, NJ 08068
I have been contracted on a semester/term by semester/term basis. The workload is limited to two course sections per semester/term.
Lecturing in Philosophy - The courses I teach examine some of the fundamental questions concerning knowledge, existence, and value. Does God exist? What constitutes good and evil? Is there an afterlife? What is free will? My lectures emphasize the original works of important philosophers. Lecturing in Comparative Religion - The courses I teach explain the common ground among major world religions. We discuss the ontological and ethical claims of major religions as well as 21st Century developments in world and indigenous religions. I was promoted to Senior Adjunct Lecturer on March 10, 2014.

06/10 - Present FREELANCE WRITER
With 30 + years of writing part time for commercial publications. I am now devoting myself full time to freelance writing projects covering a wide range of subjects. While concentrating on technical and business writing projects, my practice now extends to executive technology coaching as well as marketing in emerging media. I am looking to partner with companies interested in expanding their online marketing content as well as their traditional print media.

"Radio Monitoring, a How to Guide" 337 Pages Published 1997 by Index Publishing Group, San Diego California, ISBN 1-56866-101-0

I served as Contributing Editor and Monthly Columnist for Monitoring Times Magazine, Brasstown, NC from 1988 through 2010.

I am currently serving as a Contributing Editor for The CIDX Messenger, The Journal of the Canadian International DX Association.

I have published articles in Make Magazine, QST, The Journal of the North American Shortwave Association, QRP Quarterly, American Scannergram, National Communications, et al.

I have conducted workshops related to my published material and workshops on the Freelance Writing process.

Clippings available on request.


08/05 - Retired from State Service 6/10 ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 4 (Technical Support)
NJ Administrative Office of the Courts, Trenton, NJ 08625
I was responsible for field technical support of all aspects of courtroom record maintenance including all hardware and software deployed for audio and video court recording. This work includes troubleshooting and repair, as well as liaison with local court and administrative staff. I am responsible for local court staff training in all aspects of court record maintenance. I am also responsible for transcript review and recovery.

08/00 to 08/05 ADMINISTRATIVE SUPERVISOR 3 (Web Design - Administration)
NJ Administrative Office of the Courts, Trenton, NJ 08625
I was responsible for administering and supervising the design, and daily operation of the NJ Judiciary Intranet. I also served as design and development staff to the NJ State Judiciary Internet site . I was responsible for practical training of Judiciary staff in Internet/Intranet applications.

03/98 to 08/00 ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 3 (Software Development)
NJ Administrative Office of the Courts, Trenton, NJ 08625
I was responsible for the design and development of automated forms applications for use by Judiciary Criminal Practice staff. This series of electronic forms became the primary tools used for Pre-Sentence Investigations statewide, improving efficiency, uniformity and accuracy. I also provided training and wrote the manuals and support documentation for each electronic form application.

10/89 to 03/98 PROGRAM COORDINATOR (Administrator)
Ancora State Hospital, Hammonton, NJ 08037
I was responsible for administering and supervising the coordination, planning and implementation of specific care, custody and rehabilitation services for ward patients. I promoted the concepts of level of functioning, unified services, normalization and advocacy. In the role of Team Leader, I assured the functioning of the Treatment Team. I was responsible for quality assurance of treatment documentation. I provided administrative coverage in the absence of the building Section Chief. I served on the Clinical Policy Committee and promoted the use of computerization of ward and administrative documentation.

11/85 to 9/86 and 11/87 to 10/89 SOCIAL WORKER II
Ancora State Hospital, Hammonton, NJ 08037
I performed routine case management, counseling and referral tasks for a ward population. This work included regular contact and liaison with many local, state and federal agencies. The quality of my work in this position led to my promotion to Program Coordinator in 1989.

Division of Youth and Family Services, Salem District Office, Salem, NJ 08079
I was responsible for regular case management of a high risk, adolescent, child-protective services caseload.

7/85 to 11/85 INVESTIGATOR III
State of New Jersey Division of Taxation, Trenton, NJ 08601
I performed routine field investigations as they related to the collection of delinquent taxes and enforcement of tax statutes administered by the division. I was also responsible for ongoing taxpayer information and education.

Adult Division, Burlington County Office of Probation, Mount Holly, NJ 08060
I was responsible for case management within the framework of the judicial setting of both Superior and Municipal Courts. I performed legal, social and personal services consisting of intake, investigation, counseling and case supervision for the purpose of aiding the court in arriving at the best disposition for each offender. I was responsible for protecting society by preventing crime and delinquency through helping offenders to readjust in the community.

Burlington County Jail, Mount Holly, NJ 08060
I was responsible for interviewing, evaluating and providing counseling to the jail population to assist them in their rehabilitation and readjustment process.


5/85 to 5/93 US ARMY (CAPTAIN)
78th Division, United States Army Reserve, Edison, NJ 08317
I served as a senior staff officer and was responsible for the administration of the Brigade level program for religious and pastoral needs of all members of the unit. My tasks included quality assurance preparation of unit documentation for IG inspections held annually. I served on active duty during Operation Desert Storm. I received multiple awards and decorations for administrative and professional excellence. I maintained a Secret Clearance. I was Honorably Discharged.

Master of Divinity, (Pastoral Administration and Counseling) May 1980
Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC 20016

Bachelor of Arts (Sociology) March 1976
Stockton State College, Pomona, NJ 08240

Associate of Arts (Liberal Arts) August 1974
Burlington County College, Pemberton, NJ 08068


5/94 CERTIFIED PUBLIC MANAGER, State of New Jersey Department of Personnel and Rutgers University.

8/92 SUPERVISORY MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATE, State of New Jersey Department of Personnel and Rutgers University

4/08 PROFESSIONAL COACHING CERTIFICATE, Burlington County College, Pemberton, NJ 08068

Present ORDAINED MINISTER, New Jersey Association, Central Atlantic Conference of the United Churches of Christ, Montclair, NJ 07042

Commercial General Radiotelephone License PG-GB-001821.
Amateur Radio Service Extra Class License N2EI

Chapel of the Four Chaplains Humanitarian Award for service at the World Trade Center disaster site. Awarded 2/5/2003

MS City to Shore Bike Tour 5 Year Alumni Award 9/30/2007


Available on Request